Guns of Boom: Prepare For A $200,000 Prize Pool

A new Guns of Boom eSports initiative was announced with a prize pool of $200,000 and players are already getting excited about it. Game Insight is launching their inaugural eSports season along with ESL starting this summer. The whopping $200,000 will be divided among multiple events that will take place this year. There is the Go4 ESL Weekly Tournaments, the European Invitational, and the Season Championship. Players have to be at least level 22 in order to be eligible to participate.

Image Source: App Store Featured

Players will compete in the first round of the Go4 Open Weekly Cups by registering on the ESL website. These tournaments will be based on the game’s Pro Play Mode. Furthermore, in the first season, top players will be invited to two regional competitions. There is the European Invitational which will have the top 4 teams in Europe invited to face off in Katowice, Poland on July 29th.

Later in the year, 8 of the world’s best teams will be invited to face off in the Guns of Boom First Season Champion in Los Angeles, USA. With close to 50 million players, Game Insight is redirecting their focus on eSports and we expect to see a lot of new announcements in this area very soon. Stay tuned for more information on Guns of Boom.

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