Fortnite Mobile: Android Version Expected In Summer

For so long, Android users have been asking time and again about the release date of Fortnite Mobile with no clear answer available at the time. Now, we know that the Battle Royale will arrive to Android devices in summer. While there is no specific date regarding its release, at least we have a better understanding of when it will be available.

Image Source: App Store Featured

Since the game was released for iOS, it has been improved dramatically. Now you are able to customise your HUD, a feature that was highly requested by mobile gamers.

In addition, voice chat will be coming to the game and can be activated even when mobile users play in cross-platform matches. Moreover, Epic Games promises improved battery life, better stability, enhanced controls, and smaller file sizes during updates.

Android users may have waited long for Fortnite but by the time they receive it, it will be a well-developed game with great features for them to experience. Once we learn more about the release date we will announce it on this website, so make sure to stay tuned.


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