PUBG Mobile: The Miramar Update Is Here

A new update has arrived to PUBG Mobile and you will love everything about it. This time a new map called Miramar was added and it brings along with it desert-themed locations that renders combat extremely competitive. You will also find new vehicles and weaponry that are consistent with the map’s features and style.

Image Source: Promo Trailer Featured

In addition, new missions have been added which you can unlock by progressing in the game and earning rewards.

If you are looking for a local quick team match then now you can enter a 6-digit code to team up with your friends that are near you. Moreover, you can now customize your character based on region and flag. On top of that, language-specific chat channels were added as well.

Finally, there are more avatars to use, a new Shop to purchase from , and a Secret Stash to grab special items that are under a discount price. This is quite an exciting update, especially the new map. You can watch the trailer showcasing Miramar below.

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