Lords Mobile: IGG Pledges To Invest In Mobile eSports

Great news coming from Asia with the launch of IGG’s Asian Tournament dubbed as the ”Final Clash.” Having developed the popular MMO called Lords Mobile, IGG has hosted a $30,000 tournament for the strategy game on April 22nd.

The event was very successful and had sponsors such as Google Play, Huawei Honor, Logitech, and many others. The company has its headquarters in Singapore and this explains the launch of an Asian tournament but IGG also has numerous offices located around the world.

Image Source: App Store Featured

Seeing how Tencent has made strategic moves in the Asian market regarding Mobile eSports, IGG is now committing to investing in this new industry and to hold events on a global scale.

Lords Mobile was released 2 years ago and it still is growing and gaining even more attention due to its entry into the Mobile eSports scene. With big companies like IGG investing in this industry, the future has become brighter and many good things to follow. If you would like to play Lords Mobile then you can download it from the App Store or Google Play. Finally, you can watch the video of the Lords Mobile Tournament below.

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