Rules of Survival: A New Update Arrives & A New Season Begins

For those of you who have been patiently waiting for the new Rules of Survival update, it is now here. It is the start of a new season (Season 2) and the ranking charts have been reset. The unclaimed S0 rewards will be sent to players via email. As for S1 players, their rewards are based on the highest tier they achieved during this season.

Image Source: In-Game Screenshot

What is most exciting about this update is the first person view. This allows players to switch between first and third person view in the game. It will make Rules of Survival feel almost like a real first person shooter. In addition, country-based rankings have now been introduced. Furthermore, there is the new World Arena game mode which allows players from the same country to challenge opponents from other countries.

Image Source: In-Game Screenshot

Now, players can also watch live streams online via the live broadcast functionality. The game has also been improved, fixing character posture in the lobby, adding ambient sound effects, lobby optimization, and several bugs were fixed. To read the full patch notes for this update, be sure to click here. Stay tuned with us for the latest news on Rules of Survival.

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