Vainglory: A Brief Look At Update 3.2

Super Evil Megacorp released notes for its latest update (3.2) which introduces a new hero among many interesting features. The new and extremely anticipated hero is Malene, described as a backline spellcaster who can instantly transform via her ultimate ability called Enchanted Transformation. She can transform between her light form and shadow form and can deal a huge amount of crystal damage to her enemies.

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Based on Super Evil Megacorp’s description, Malene’s abilities consist of the following:

  • Masked Ball: Malene’s ultimate is available at level 1 allowing her to switch between her Light Form and Shadow Form. Moreover, Malene’s basic attacks deal crystal damage. For a short duration after switching forms, Malene’s next basic attack is strengthened.
  • Light Ribbons (Light Form): Malene releases ribbons of light in a specific direction, causing damage and immobilizing the first enemy hit.
  • Shadow Tendrils (Shadow Form): Malene unleashes three shadow tendrils in a specific direction which causes crystal damage to all enemies along their path. Each tendril deals its own instance of damage and has less impact on minions.
  • Royal Amnesty (Light Form): Malene imbues herself with light, granting herself a barrier and boosting her movement speed.
  • Wicked Escapade (Shadow Form): Malene becomes invincible and cannot be targeted for a short period of time, slowing enemies that she passes through and leaving behind a pit of shadow. Enemies inside the pit are damaged when Malene reappears.
  • Enchanted Transformation: Malene switches between her Light Form and Shadow Form, swapping abilities and gaining power for her next basic attack. The strength gained is dependent on the form she switches into.
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Furthermore, the developers reworked Petal’s ultimate ability which grants more control to players for causing damage or healing allies. It doesn’t end here for Petal, there is a new skin called the Tea Party Petal Skin which is Legendary. If you are a fan of new skins then you will also love the new Samurai Krul Skin, an Epic skin that has a sharp katana blade going through him.

Additionally, they have added a new Rare Churnwalker skin called the Clownwalker. This clown skin looks as creepy as the one in the movie ”It”. If you are a big fan of clowns or scared of them, you definitely want to own one to scare of your enemies.

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Finally, there are fixes implemented regarding the tapping within terrain which will no longer cause you to stop in place. There have been updated effects implemented for Ghostwing and the Orb Guardians as well as the Vain Crystal explosion. To read the full patch notes, click here to be redirected to Vainglory’s official website. The release date was confirmed to start rolling out on Wednesday, April 18th, at 8 AM PDT. You can watch the new hero video reveal below.

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