Rules of Survival: The Last One Standing Event

Rules of Survival has announced a new eSports event this week which consists of a $10,000 prize pool. The event started this week and will be hosted by every Tuesday and Friday until it comes to an end on May 4th. For this event, players will play in Squad Mode and up to 4 players are allowed. The captain of the team has to sign up the team along with its members by clicking here.

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It is great to see NetEase increasing its monetary events for this mobile game as it will encourage more professional teams to join the platform. In addition, Rules of Survival has been improving significantly and NetEase made an interesting announcement about the update that’s coming on April 18th. It appears that there will be a new mode, a first-person shooting mode, that will allow you to play from a first person perspective.

That definitely will interest a lot of players who are fans of the FPS experience. Not long ago, PUBG Corp. filed a lawsuit against NetEase’s games and Rules of Survival was one of them. Perhaps the inspiration for Rules of Survival started with PUBG but with the new direction that NetEase is taking, it appears that the game is becoming into something else entirely.

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