Fortnite Mobile: Unpacking Update 3.5

Here we are again as we find ourselves with another amazing update from Fortnite. This time, we will briefly discuss what update 3.5 is introducing. The main additions are the Replay Feature, Port-A-Fort Item, 50v50 Mode, Cyberpunk Heroes, Neon Weapons, and Improvements. For those of you who play on PC and console, you will be excited to know that the Replay feature is available for you. While it is not available on mobile devices at the moment, it doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future. This feature allows players to save their matches and watch them from different angles.

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The good news for mobile gamers is that now they can enjoy new content such as the Port-A-Fort item which allows you to instantly fortify yourself. When you throw the item, within seconds a fort is constructed out of metal and is three stories tall. In addition, there is a new limited-time mode called the 50v50 v2. In this mode there will be two teams that will fight to the death. Consider it a massive Squad Mode with each team having their own bus crossing the island from different directions.

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Moreover, 4 new heroes are now introduced to the game which will expand your choices as to how you wish to look on the battlefield. Finally, there are new Neon Weapons which will send your enemies flying as you illuminate the environment.

This update is definitely a big one and will make Fortnite Mobile even more exciting. The mobile version has underwent multiple visual improvements and the audio indicator will no longer show silenced weaponry, ally pickaxes or crouched footsteps. There were more changes and fixes introduced to the game which you can read about by clicking here. As for the most important question, when is this update being released? It should be available for you right now.

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