Critical Ops: The Pistol Tournament Has Begun

MOBILE E-SPORTS® debuted Round 1 of the Critical Ops Pistol Tournament during the weekend and the matches were extremely intense. With 8 teams selected for this tournament, Round 1 consisted of 4 matches based on Defuse The Bomb mode.

Image Source: Bracket By MOBILE E-SPORTS

It was an interesting take on the first person genre tournaments when all teams had to reform their usual strategies and adapt to a battle where pistols are allowed only. Furthermore, we witnessed powerful teams playing in this tournament such as GankStars, Nova Esports, D2R, CsPG Immortals, No Mercy, Infinity Forge, Learn From Past, and LocoSquad.

The Pistol Tournament had specific rules for players. Knifing in the game was allowed but grenades were limited to one per type in each round. This was meant to keep the focus on the pistol battles and still keep the strategic advantage that grenades can offer. If you missed out on the first broadcast of this tournament then you can watch it below.

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