Shadowgun Legends: Out Now Worldwide

Madfinger Games has just released Shadowgun: Legends worldwide and we have yet another top game for iOS & Android users. We played the global version for a few hours and our initial analysis is extremely positive as we have noticed significant improvements from its soft launched version. The company took the community’s feedback on many aspects under consideration and released a solid version of the game that will keep you entertained.

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You can play the thrilling campaign, compete in multiplayer against strangers or with friends, and even participate in the game’s interesting social hub. The game’s theme places you in a futuristic world with a plot that focuses on an alien invasion upon humanity. The legendary warriors known as the Shadowguns are the last line of defence against these invaders. The campaign delivers more than 200 missions on 4 distinct planets.

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Don’t prefer to play by yourself? In that case, you can team up with friends to complete missions or raid. Here’s what you are really waiting for though, multiplayer. There are several multiplayer game modes to participate in along with diverse PvP arenas. In addition, there are hundreds of unique weapons, ticking every box of any action loving gamer. Shadowgun: Legends also allows you to stand out via character customisation and the ability to create your own gameplay style.

Finally, its social hub allows you to interact with millions of players from around the world, chat with your friends, visit vendors, create squads, and form guilds. The game will support Mobile eSports very soon and we cannot wait to see all the competitive action that will bring the Shadowgun community to a competitive level. Shadowgun: Legends is now available on the App Store & Google Play.

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