Asphalt 9: Legends – Repetitive or Competitive?

One of the most successful racing series to rule the mobile industry has been Gameloft’s Asphalt. The Asphalt franchise was first launched in 2004 and initially arrived to iOS in 2009. While there were competitors to this series throughout the years, Gameloft is not holding back with their new Asphalt 9: Legends.

Image Source: Asphalt 9 – App Store Featured

With its debut trailer revealed, the game shows gorgeous graphics, advanced environments to race in, and more customization for players. With amazing supercars from legendary manufacturers, you will be able to experience speed in unconventional tracks. What interests us most is the competitive side of this game and while we remain doubtful that this game will become an eSports title, it is Gameloft’s best chance to take the racing genre into Mobile eSports. Is this just another colourful racing game that is trying to build on a popular brand or is it an Asphalt that’s engaging the eSports audience?

The soft-launched version of the game allows up to 8 players to race in real time through various leagues of the World Series Multiplayer mode. However, we do urge Gameloft to allow the option for competitive racing outside the freemium model that was implemented in previous titles. It is certainly possible to have the ability to create custom matches where players’ purchases do not influence their skills. The game has not been globally released yet but we do hope to see Asphalt 9 as an eSports title in its final version. You can watch the debut trailer for this game below.

Become a real Asphalt legend by racing against up to 8 players in real time through the different leagues of the World Series Multiplayer mode.

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