The Battle Royale Wars: Which Game Will Lead This Genre?

In 2017, PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) captured peoples minds and hearts and with the swift success it achieved, mobile developers started working on similar games to bring the console experience to smartphones and tablets. NetEase released 3 titles with Rules of Survival being their main Battle Royale. Rules of Survival is the current leading title in this genre due to the amount of content and events the developers have delivered.

Image Source: PUBG Battlefield –

Another similar title was featured in the Razer Keynote by the name of Ultrahunt, a Battle Royale by Cmune. Cmune’s game has a lot of potential to rival Rules of Survival since they have great experience in competitive games such as Deadheads and Squad Wars. The teaser trailer revealed detailed terrains, fantastic gameplay, and high-end graphics. While we haven’t seen much from Ultrahunt, the studio’s partnership with Razer gives them an advantage to compete with big companies like Tencent and NetEase.

Image Source: Ultrahunt – Teaser Trailer Footage

Near the end of 2017 Tencent started working with Bluehole, the makers of the original PUBG, in order to bring two PUBG-inspired titles which are already soft launched. The version that is getting players excited by far is the one dubbed as PUBG: Battlefield. While it is in its early stages, the gameplay looks extremely identical to the original PUBG and the experience feels authentic.

Image Source: Rules of Survival –

Once Tencent releases their PUBG titles there is a chance that Rules of Survival players will be heading to PUBG: Battlefield. Unless Cmune astonishes the mobile community with Ultrahunt, it will not be able to outshine the others.

It is very unlikely that a fourth company will be able to compete for the top spot in the Battle Royale Genre unless it is a company with a long history and great success in competitive titles such as Gameloft. For now, the battle will remain between Tencent, NetEase, and Cmune for the Battle Royale throne in the mobile industry.

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