Arena of Valor: Aleister – The Lord of Mischief

One of the most interesting heroes in Arena of Valor is the Mage known as Aleister, The Lord of Mischief. Many don’t know that he was once a candidate for the Temple of Light but darkness got the best of him and he fell from the light. Well recognized for his tricks, it is said that he is the mind behind the great war and his plans aided the Fallen to gain the upper hand. The closest that came to assassinating Aleister was Yorn, The Marksman, but failed when Aleister discovered the plot.

Image Source: Aleister Hero Spotlight

We find Aleister’s story interesting because it resembles Lucifer and his fall from grace. Aleister has a Base HP of 3027, Base Attack of 170, and Base Defense of 87. These are Aleister’s abilities:

  • Wicked Plot: Aleister’s ability and every third normal attack apply 1 Curse stack on the enemy. The curse explodes at 3 stacks, dealing 130 true damage to the enemy.
  • Magic Barrier: Aleister summons lightning and halts enemies from advancing. Enemies hit by lightning receive 315 magic damage with decrease in their speed and become stunned.
  • Matrix of Woe: Aleister summons a matrix to a target area which constantly causes 100 magic damage. 1 stack of Curse is applied during the appearance and disappearance of the matrix.
  • Magic Prison: Aleister entraps an enemy in a lightning prison for 2.5 seconds, dealing 100 magic damage while stunning the enemy hero with each hit. Enemy heroes receive 1 stack of Curse at the start and end. When Aleister moves, the channeling stops.
Image Source: Aleister Hero Spotlight

We can see that Aleister is a powerful Mage and enemies cannot escape his Matrix of Woe which opens the opportunity to cause as much damage as possible. You can further weaken the enemy with Magic Prison and continuous attacks. Enemies with low health will find it extremely difficult to escape Aleister. To learn more about Aleister, you can check the Hero Spotlight video below.

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