Rules of Survival: The Fearless Fiord Update – Initial Thoughts

The much awaited update has finally arrived to Rules of Survival. When you wait for a match to start on the new map you will notice a fireworks display and music playing, an introduction that gets you excited like no other game. A lot of content has been added and the gameplay has become much more complex. Not only will you discover new vehicles and new weapons but there are obstacles such as landmines now. Fearless Fiord is a gorgeous map that needs a lot of exploration in order to master it.

Image Source: Rules of Survival

There are hang gliders available in the new map which you can fly with. They are usually located in two areas on the map and represented with a yellow icon. Many players will be heading there, so you need to be careful due to the amount of weaponry available in the vicinity.

Image Source: Rules of Survival

When there were 120 players in the past, it was easy to remain one of the last 5 survivors in a match. However, with 300 players you will find it much more challenging to survive upon landing. There are too many players now fighting for loot and it will not be as easy as it was in the past. Our advice for now regarding landing is to parachute near the sea where there are hovercrafts or boats and ride to the opposite side of the map, far away from the plane’s path. This will allow you to loot safely and be prepared for coming fights. For this new update, we will have a new guide on how to survive coming soon to this website so stay tuned.

Finally, we appreciate everything that went into this update. If you didn’t download the new map then you can do so from within the game. The best way to learn the new map and how to survive in it is to play with a squad so that your chances for survival increases and you get the time needed to experiment with all the new content added to Fearless Fiord.

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