Rules of Survival: Massive Update Launching February 7th

In 3 days from the publishing of this article, Rules of Survival will receive its biggest update yet. With over 100 million downloads, 15 million daily active players, and extremely passionate fans, NetEase is doing its best to deliver as much quality updates as possible. Once the new update is launched on February 7th, the game will become available worldwide.

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The upcoming update includes a new 64 sq. km map called Fearless Fiord which features a new sea, new landscape, and air combat options. In the new map, you can pilot new vehicles such as the hovership, truck, and hang glider. The game will also have new features such as new ziplines and landmines scattered all over the map and explode upon contact. Not only that, there are also new weapons that will make combat even much more interesting than it is.

Fearless Fiord Map now includes swamps, gardens, and mines. This map will be downloaded in-game on February 7th. In addition, NetEase has provided a list of the new weapons that will be added such as the ACR, AN94, VECTOR, MP5, P90, QBU88, SAIGA-12, AND WRO. The update also has a new gold coin area with optimizations implemented. We had early access to the new map and if you haven’t seen our video about it then you can check it below.

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