Arena of Valor: A World Championship With A $500,000 Prize Pool

On Arena of Valor’s Turkish Forum, an Admin posted on behalf of the Arena of Valor eSports Team of an upcoming tournament in July. The World Cup Tournament is expected to have over $500,000 prize pool and will be taking place in Los Angeles. This is quite a large prize pool in comparison to the Vainglory World Championship that took place in December of 2017 which had a prize pool of $140,000.

Image Source: Arena of Valor

This is an extremely large prize pool for a mobile game and will definitely attract more companies and investors to this rising industry. Some of the other largest prize pools we have seen is that of Rules of Survival with $650,000 for their World Championship and Clash Royale’s Crown Championship with $150,000. Arena of Valor has become a leading game in the MOBA genre and with such prize pools, it may attract even more players that might have been interested in rival games.

The forum post also mentioned that later in the season there will be more tournaments taking place at the regional and university level. We still haven’t seen more announcements or information regarding this upcoming tournament but we will be learning more about it soon. Be sure to stay tuned with our website for the latest on Arena of Valor.

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