Rules of Survival: 100 Million Downloads Achieved

We are proud to see that a mobile game like Rules of Survival has achieved 100 million downloads today. Not only does this mean that the developers will continue working hard to support this game but that there will be more companies that will try to introduce Battle Royale games to the mobile platform. With competition comes innovation.

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The Battle Royale Genre has proven to be exciting and engaging among mobile gamers and the vast amount of downloads in such a short time serves as proof. This year will be very prosperous for the Battle Royale games and we will see more work and resources invested in games like Rules of Survival in the coming months.

The idea of fighting for your life on an island with hundreds of people out there to kill you is quite thrilling. Never has there been such a challenging experience on mobile until now. We expect the game to gain even more popularity once the new update arrives in February. Click here to learn more about the upcoming update.

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