Vainglory: A Brief Review of Update 2.12

Vainglory has received Update 2.12, granting access to Golden Ticketholders & introducing new features and changes. As of now, the update seems to have caused several issues to some players, from showing incorrect newsfeed, dysfunctional chat, and gfx issues on some devices. If you are experiencing any of these problems then Super Evil Megacorp has advised in a post that this can be solved by restarting the game completely. As for those experiencing gfx issues, try to change your quality settings to medium or low.

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As for the update, it has introduced a new feature called ”blueprints” which allows you to find skins in your loot following the completion of quests. Skins were renamed in this new update and now the system has a higher randomness rate and lower prices for skins. There are also new amazing skins such as the Golden Netherknight Lance, a limited edition skin which is featured on the cover of this article.

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Apart from the aesthetic changes and user interface overhaul, Vainglory is now optimized for the iPhone X which many users have been waiting for. The developers did not just stretch the game to the wider screen but worked on making it look natural and to provide a great experience for users. In addition, now there is the Free Camera feature in 3v3 and 5v5 which allows you to look anywhere in the Halcyon Fold and Sovereign’s Rise.

The Scoreboard has also been changed and now the Gameplay tab reveals hero and team net worth while the Social tab allows you to send friend requests and like or dislike players. The Creep Score (CS) now mirrors the precise number of creatures killed. Furthermore, the Mini-map is now on the left side of your screen but can be switched to the right side by selecting ”Mirror Mini-map” from Settings.

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Finally, account level cap has increased from 30 to 40 and several heroes and items were optimized for 5v5 mode. In 5v5, surrendering requires 4 out of 5 votes and voting starts only after 12 minutes into the game. This gives players a better chance of staying longer in the game to earn a victory. We really like the new additions and changes to the game as they pave the way for the most anticipated update in this game’s history. Regarding the minor technical issues that came along with this new update, these will be resolved very soon if the options provided in this article did not work.  For more information on this update, please click here to visit the official Vainglory website.

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