Arena of Valor: Lindis Is Now Available In NA & SA

A new hero, Lindis, has arrived to the North American & South American servers. Nicknamed The Sentinel, Lindis is a strong long-ranged marksman with Max HP of 3027 and 184 Attack Damage.

Image Source: Lindis Hero Spotlight

She comes from the small tribe of Afata which is known for worshipping the moon and wield the moon’s power to defend their people. Lindis’ abilities are as follows:

  • Tread Softly: Lindis’ passive ability allows her to increase movement speed and strengthen her next normal attack for a short period of time when passing through the brush. The strengthened attack will fire 2 arrows with each arrow dealing physical damage.
  • Piercing Gaze: By illuminating her surrounding area, Lindis reveals the location of nearby enemies. Once this ability is learned, Lindis deals additional physical damage to enemies that are hit multiple times.
  • Entrapment: Lindis sets a trap that lasts for 2 minutes. This trap slows enemy movement speed while revealing enemy locations, and after a short period of time can deal physical damage. These traps become invisible some time after being set.
  • Lunar Champion: Lindis summons a spirit to attack enemies, dealing physical damage and adding any bonus normal attack effects from equipped items or buffs. She can store this ability numerous times. This ability is best used while equipping items that increase Critical Chance.
Image Source: Lindis Hero Spotlight

We can see that Lindis is a powerful hero at the start of the game thanks to her passive ability which grants her movement speed and powerful attacks. It is strategic to take advantage of this hero before enemy heroes get the chance to strengthen themselves. Furthermore, creating a build that increases Lindis’ Critical Chance will empower her ultimate ability to take out enemy heroes swiftly.

When at low health, Lindis should run through the bushes which increases her movement speed and can lead to a successful escape from enemy heroes. Not only is Lindis a great hero at the beginning of a match but can bait in enemy heroes into traps. You can watch the hero spotlight video below for more information on Lindis.


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