The GFUEL Tournament Finals: The Battle of Two Titans

Last week, we discussed the GFUEL Tournament Series that took place in Clash Royale, Vainglory, and was scheduled to take place for Critical Ops on the 13th of January. When the time came, we all watched the Finals as two powerful teams, GankStars & Nova Esports, took to the battlefield in a Best of 5 Format.

Image Source: MOBILE E-SPORTS®

Each team had the choice of server, map, and starting side. It was designed to be as fair as it possibly could be. Initially, there was a poll asking the community on their predictions. Approximately 57% voted for Nova Esports, 33% for GankStars, and 10% remained undecided. There was a lot of confidence that Nova would win according to the polls but it ended unexpectedly for everyone.

GankStars beat Nova Esports in the first 3 matches, thus securing the victory for the GFUEL Critical Ops Tournament. The first match was on Canals Map and GankStars winning with a score of 13-4. The second match was on Plaza Map and GankStars dominated with a score of 13-2. The third match, however, became more interesting as each team were almost tied during the middle of the match. Everyone thought Nova Esports would make a comeback but GankStars ended up winning with a score of 13-10 on Grounded Map. You can watch the full stream below.

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