Arena of Valor: Why This Game Matters

Before it was introduced to the western world, Arena of Valor (previously known as Honor of Kings) had over 80 million daily players and 200 million active Chinese players per month. Currently, it is the world’s most profitable game on mobile, generating $150 million in July of 2017. With at least 100 million more players than League of Legends, this MOBA is attracting unprecedented waves of PC players to the mobile platform.

Image Source: Arena of Valor

Tencent Games, the company behind Arena of Valor, is the largest gaming company in the world by revenue. Having such a titan behind this mobile game will ensure and secure its future as a competitive mobile game in a rising industry. For those that care about Mobile eSports as an industry know that Arena of Valor matters due to its historic achievements in such a short time.

Image Source: SuperData

Now we are witnessing popular gaming teams coming to Arena of Valor such as SK Gaming and Team Liquid. With known teams making the Arena of Valor battlefield more competitive, others will follow. We see great potential in Arena of Valor as a mobile game unlike any other. With its standing in the global market and due to the company behind it, we expect to see it push the boundaries in the Mobile eSports industry.

The developers also teamed up with DC to introduce characters such as Superman, Batman, and iconic heroes which will appeal to a new and bigger audience. If you are a Mobile eSports player then now is the time to start playing Arena of Valor. Click here to read our Beginner’s Guide.

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