Project Alive: The Battle Royale / MOBA Phenomenon

With the Battle Royale & MOBA genres becoming a trend in the mobile industry, NetEase wanted to further their ambitions in these fields. In a recent news article from a Chinese website, we learned that the company is working on something interesting and innovative known as Project Alive. NetEase seems to be testing how would a game with all the Battle Royale elements but in the form of a 2.5D MOBA would perform among gamers.

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The game currently has opened application for iOS and Android users to apply for testing it. This means if NetEase moves along with this project then the game will be coming to mobile devices soon since we know that NetEase has one of the most efficient development team in the industry. With 100 players in this competitive experience, each player will attempt to survive by hiding behind buildings, setting traps for one another, and eliminating each other in gunfights.

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The company found great success with their Battle Royale titles: Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, and Knives Out. They believe that Project Alive will combine the thrill of the Battle Royale Genre with the strategy of the MOBA approach. The game allows you to be as deadly and tactical as you can possibly be, combining different sci-fi weaponry and conventional combat to your liking.

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With Project Alive, you are always under pressure because you have a limited vision on the battlefield unlike first or third person shooters where you can see at a long distance. Terrains come in different forms, from dry land to fields and even roads. It is also believed that Project Alive features different weather conditions such as mist. This can be a vital element to bring the experience as close to reality as possible.

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Finally, we look forward to see how NetEase Games progresses with this project and hope to see it materialize in 2018 as a new eSports title. We have already seen that the company is willing to spend up to $650,000 in terms of prize pool for their Rules of Survival Championship. It is clear that NetEase is heading through a Mobile eSports path and we believe if Project Alive comes to fruition, it will become a unique eSports phenomenon.

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