Rules of Survival: A Guide On How To Outlast Everyone

Rules of Survival has become one of the most popular competitive games on mobile in such a short time. The Battle Royale Genre has certainly convinced us that it is an eSports genre that’s willing to test the skills and strategy of players to the limit. With Rules of Survival you have 120 players on an island and only 1 person must outlast everyone. To be that last survivor will not be easy. You will have countless factors that will put you under pressure and you need to make sure that you make the best possible decisions in the situations your are put in. In this article you will find the best tips that will help you become the last survivor. This will be very helpful for those who are participating in the Rules of Survival Championship, so make sure to implement these tips on the battlefield.

Controls & Settings

It is vital that you as a player need to be comfortable and quick with the way you move and how you react. To do that, you need to customize your controls by placing your shooting button in a place that is most convenient for you to tap on. Also, when you go into Advanced Settings, you have 3 setup choices and we recommend that you use Advanced Mode as it will give you more flexibility when aiming and shooting. Of course if you find a different setup more convenient to you then you need to choose what works for you best. Same thing for Vehicle Control, you can choose a setup that works best for you but we found that the D-pad Style works very well and is accurate in operating a vehicle.

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The game offers you the option to customize how you look and what you wear. While it is great to make yourself look unique, you need to keep in mind that what you wear can be the factor that ends your life. You want to wear clothes that easily adapt with the environment around you so that when an enemy is passing by he cannot detect you easily. You might want to go with a green or grey colour which can help you become undetectable when you are lying prone on the grass.


In many cases, you find players getting killed upon landing and that’s definitely not how you want to go out. When choosing where to land, always go away from the path line that the plane is on. If the plane is flying forward across the centre of the map, you can choose to jump and head towards the right side or the left side of the map. When you do jump, push yourself upwards in order to go farther and faster than you would without doing so. You always want to go far enough to not deal with players initially. It is important to loot and prepare yourself before getting into unnecessary fights.

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Landing Spots

There are many good landing spots and unfortunately the best ones are where most players go and we recommend that you should avoid the popular spots. Such spots would be the Logging Camps or Defense Fort. If you land in an area where players have already equipped themselves with weaponry and they pose a danger then you need to hide and sneak to the nearest building on the map and attempt to get enough weapons and ammunition to defend yourself.


You need to always strategize based on the location you have landed in and the enemies that are in your vicinity. While this guide will be very helpful to you, you will need to make decisions on your own on a case-by-case basis. Always measure the possibilities that are before you. For example, if you see an enemy sneaking by a house you are in and he does not see you then do not rush to kill that player without making sure that you are properly fortified because your gunshots will alarm others of your presence. You also do not want to engage if the gas is coming closer to your location because after you have alarmed others of your presence, you then will have to run away from the gas which will leave you exposed for attack by any player willing to take you out.

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You always want to remain as stealthy as possible. This means that you need to move while crouching. While you need to be careful from the gas circle, having it close to you will increase the possibility of not getting backstabbed by other players. If you leave a reasonable distance between you and the gas then you will almost always see people in front of you instead of them coming behind your back. This does not have to be a rule as it depends on the locations that you land on. You also shouldn’t use this strategy as the map gets smaller because the gas becomes deadlier later in the game. As you notice that there are 20 players left, check your map and estimate where the centre will be. Once you have done that, get there safely and find a good position where you can defend yourself from.


If you are not patient then you will have a hard time outlasting the rest of the players. If you keep rushing into fights then you will always risk getting yourself killed. If you come across multiple players that are shooting at each other, avoid engaging unless you are confident of how many players there are and whether you are in a tactical location to take them out. If you are distant from enemies and can take them out using your rifle scope then you can do so as it is the best and safest way to engage. Do not attempt to participate in close range combat that is unnecessary unless you are in a situation that left you with no choice. Always be patient and make decisions that increase the probability of your survival.

The Gas Circle

The gas circle can be a pro or a con. You can use it to your advantage by keeping it close to you in the first minutes of the game in order to ensure no one sneaks behind you. However, near the end of the game where almost 10 players are left, the circle starts enclosing on you faster and becomes deadlier. If you are around the last minutes of the game, you have zero chance to survive in the gas so do not be in that position.

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Camping is frowned upon in the competitive community but there are times where the best decision to make is to camp. If you are out of ammunition and have nothing to defend yourself with, is it wiser to camp it out until a player leaves your area or engage? Rushing into fights is not strategic and if you are sure that a fight will get you killed then you need to camp until you are in a better position to fight. Remember that you are fighting for your survival in this game.


Vehicles play a significant role in Rules of Survival. If you have a car then you can quickly run away from the gas into a safe zone or an area that is filled with weaponry. Never hesitate to use vehicles when you need to. The downside to using vehicles is that players will shoot at you and if you are not fast enough then your car will explode. Never stop the car in centric places where players often go because they would be already expecting you. If you need to park the car then do it in the forest and sneak to your destination on foot. Always expect that players in the vicinity can hear your car engine, so be prepared to quickly hide or defend yourself.


The game allows you to lock down when you run. Once you are running towards a destination and lock it to run automatically, you can then tap on the eye icon found on the screen and swipe right and left to look around you as you run. This way you can ensure that no one is trying to shoot you as you run. There will be 120 players that are after your life so vigilance is a necessity. Every time you walk from one location to another, always check your surroundings in case someone has detected your presence.

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The Final Battles

If you have made it to the end and you are one of 6 survivors left then you need to be in a prone position because that is what most of the last survivors will be in. If you are standing for any reason then you would have given up your presence and shot dead. The last survivors are most likely professionals and will not risk giving away their positions. They will remain still and be in a prone position. In that case, you will need to be in the grass if you are in such a location and preferably have a vehicle, wall, or tree behind you to not get backstabbed. Make sure that you have a scope on your rifle or weapon in order to kill your opponents from long distance because they will start moving as the gas circle becomes closer. At that point, you need to be strategic in your decisions, if you see two players in combat, then wait until one takes out the other until you engage.


Keep in mind that the best decision maker for your life is you. Always make decisions based on the situation you are in and still include the tips provided in this article. They have worked very well to keep the players on our team the last survivors on many occasions. Sometimes you will make it as the 3rd or 2nd to survive which is also an accomplishment. You may not outlast everyone every single match because a lot of factors come to play that might put you at a disadvantage. Your opponent might have a better armor, better weaponry, better location, or even a better line of sight. What you want to do is attempt to have the advantage in all of these factors and if you don’t then turn on your survival instinct and make strategic decisions.


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