Shadowgun Legends: A Title To Anticipate

In a rising industry like Mobile eSports you can’t blame all developers for not taking this route in an unfamiliar territory. However, in the words of the poet Robert Frost, taking the road less travelled by can make all the difference in the world, especially in the mobile gaming industry. Players want a unique experience, a competitive approach that allows them to utilize their skills and strategy.

Image Source: App Store Featured Image

And while Mobile eSports, for all intents and purposes, is the road less travelled by when exploring the goals of modern-day developers; we believe Madfinger Games will choose an eSports route for their upcoming, gorgeous shooter, Shadowgun: Legends. Shadowgun has been one of the earliest and most competitive shooter games in the history of mobile games. Their first competitive shooter was Shadowgun: Deadzone which was initially released rocking revolutionary visuals during the prime years of mobile gaming, back in 2012. Without exaggeration, this 5 year old game can even compete against the top mobile gaming shooters of today.

Image Source: App Store Featured Image

With such history and innovation, Madfinger Games will see the potential in Mobile eSports and create a competitive atmosphere for Shadowgun Legends. We do believe that there will be tournaments for this game after it has been mastered and polished. While this title is unconventional in its gameplay mechanics and universe, it brings a unique perspective to the competitive community. The game also boasts console quality graphics which you will fall in love with and easily attracts newcomers to the Shadowgun universe.

Shadowgun Legends is currently soft launched in the Netherlands and should be launching globally very soon. It has been announced on the official website that the sci-fi shooter will be released in the 4th quarter of this year. Whether the developers will be able to deliver it this year is yet to be seen. We are excited to see what Madfingers has in store for us in terms of eSports for Shadowgun Legends.

2 thoughts on “Shadowgun Legends: A Title To Anticipate

  1. As a Madfinger Games member, I can say we will provide significant support to e-sport focused players. Many of Madfinger guys are very competitive players, we know a lot about how big excitement is to compete other players in battle arenas 🙂 To be well prepared for start (our game will be released soon), I personally recommend to pre-register 🙂


  2. As a very old madfinger game’s player, I can say that I will be there playing SGL, and I’ll do my best to become a professional if possible, get ready, all these years wrecking people will not be in vain.


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