Vainglory: Sovereign’s Rise, Dragons, & More!

Super Evil Megacorp has just released a preview video of Vainglory’s 5vs5 Update 3.0. The developers have put so much quality work into it and amazing new features have been incorporated into the game as well. There is no question that Mobile eSports will advance dramatically due to this update. With more strategy, more complexity, and more factors to consider; the game as of this update will be the leading MOBA on mobile for competitive gaming. Now, with the new 5vs5 mode comes a new map called Sovereign’s Rise that was specifically designed for the 5vs5 experience.

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The map is gorgeous and includes top quality visuals that renders it as a living piece of art. Its elements are interactive and can be used to the player’s advantage. For example, if you run along the river’s current then your speed will increase. A good tactic to use when trying to escape from your enemies. Furthermore, the game will render the new  Fog of War feature without affecting your gameplay or framerate. With this feature, player’s will have a limit to their vision and the vision radius will be represented with a light that shows the player’s vicinity. This adds a more in-depth atmosphere to the MOBA experience and opens the door to more strategy implementation.

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And if you thought the Kraken was the scariest thing in Vainglory, you have yet to meet the new dragons, BlackClaw and GhostWing, that are being introduced. Super Evil Megacorp assures us that not only are they coolest looking but the most complex creatures to be added into Vainglory. These creatures will circle the map and each dragon has its own unique interaction with players. Beating BlackClaw will have him on your side against your enemies while taking down GhostWing will mega-boost your team’s strength.

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Finally, there are so many features that come with this new update that makes it really exciting. If you were not excited about the 5vs5 feature before then you will be now. Expect the global launch for Vainglory 5vs5 to take place in February of 2018. Players can get early access by pre-registering here. To learn much more about the new additions, tips, and changes, you can check the Sovereign’s Rise Preview video below.

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