Modern Combat Versus: eSports Features Arriving In Upcoming Update

Gameloft has built a competitive community around its Modern Combat Series. When they released their latest addition, Modern Combat Versus, they debuted with an eSports invitational tournament which was very well presented. Now, they have announced that the upcoming features in the next update will include Clans & Tournaments.

Image Source: Modern Combat Facebook

With Clans, players will be able to create, join or invite friends to clans. This will also include having clan tags and the ability for clan members to send to each other daily gifts. Clans also come with leaderboards that ranks members according to skills and achievements. There will also be a Clan chat where players can discuss their tactics, plan for tournaments, or simply to have fun.

That’s not all, we are also receiving Live Tournaments in the upcoming update. This means that players can get into a party and challenge friends in custom matches. Creating a tournament also allows you to choose the map you want and the game mode of your choice. You can even include a prize for the winning team to receive after that. Live Tournaments, when created, become publicly visible for other players. However, you have the option to make them private and share a code with the people you want to join.

Image Source: Modern Combat Facebook

These are definitely amazing features to have in order to create a Mobile eSports atmosphere. The update will be coming this month and we are very curious to see how far Gameloft goes into creating Modern Combat Versus into an eSports experience. Historically, Gameloft has been the first and leading company for first person shooters on mobile. This is their chance to prove to the players that they can bring back the same competitive and quality gameplay that existed in previous titles.

Finally, there is a livestream on December 15th where Gameloft will have Live Tournaments take place between their team and players from the community. You can get a reminder regarding the stream by clicking here to be redirected to the page. It is very likely that the update will be released this week.

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