Vainglory: Get 5vs5 Early Access & Win Razer Phone

We previously discussed the partnership formed between Super Evil Megacorp and Razer. In the light of this partnership, now you can register for early access to the 5vs5 Vainglory Mode while at the same time getting the chance to win a Razer Phone. Click here to pre-register as it will last until December 17th of this year.

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It is exciting to see 5vs5 come to Vainglory, especially that its counterpart, Arena of Valor, already supports this mode. It would be a great opportunity to compare the two popular MOBAs on an equal playing field. With its last update, Vainglory received a new hero called Varya that ”unleashes the fury of the storm, striking her enemies down with arcs of electricity,” as the official Vainglory description puts it.

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Most importantly, keep in mind that the Vainglory World Championship will take place between December 14th – 17th where we will see the 5vs5 for the first time on a professional level. We are very excited to see the new mode in action! Are you?

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