Clash Royale: The Crown Championship & A Story of Two Decks

With the conclusion of Clash Royale’s Crown Championship we now analyse the impact of one of the biggest eSports events on the mobile platform. As we watched the players being interviewed prior to their matches, the excitement & pressure seemed apparent. With millions of viewers from all around the world and having the chance to represent your country, one can only imagine what they felt.

27.4 million participants and it came down to 16 players to face-off in front of the world. As one by one players started to get eliminated, it came down to one final match, Sergio Ramos from Mexico vs MusicMaster from USA. $150,000 were on the line and for these players, seconds probably felt like hours. And with the final blow, Serio Ramos engraved his name in history as Clash Royale’s 2017 Crown Champion of the World.

The decks that Ramos used to win were quite an interesting combination of expensive and cheap decks. The first deck is composed of a Golem push backed by Minions, Miner, Furnace, Inferno Dragon, Mega Minion, Zap, and Poison. The deck proved to be very effective because the Golem has a long life-span and any strong card that was used against it was eliminated by the Inferno Dragon. The Furnace further increased the impact of the push with the Fire Spirits and the opponent was helpless to defend against this deck.

The second deck had the PEKKA, Electro Wizard, Miner, Goblins, Minions, Bandit, Zap, and Poison. The real combo cards that gave Ramos the advantage were the Electro Wizard and Bandit which allowed the Bandit to sneak attack the opponent’s tower and decrease it significantly.

Finally, if you are a mobile gamer then expect the competition in mobile games to grow exponentially. For those of you who play Clash Royale, you definitely should test the decks that Ramos used, they did win him $150,000 after all. If you missed out on Clash Royale’s Crown Championship then you can watch it below.


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