WarFriends: A Fun Experience Rendered Competitive

WarFriends, a mobile game published by EA Chillingo and developed by About Fun, seems to have taken a unique turn recently. The game is being redirected towards a more competitive path and is being made into an eSports experience. The organization entrusted to achieve this ambitious objective is MOBILE E-SPORTS, a leading eSports organizer for mobile games that has been operating since 2015.

The WarFriends Tournament, as it is being dubbed, has been announced since November 24th and registration ends on December 5th. Today, MOBILE E-SPORTS launched their introductory stream and discussed the format for the tournament while demonstrating a fun and competitive side to the game. 16 players will be selected to compete against one another with Round 1 starting based on a Best of 3 Format.

Registration remains open for those that would like to participate in this tournament and you can learn more about it by clicking here. It is interesting to see games like WarFriends to enter the eSports world but it is most definitely welcoming news as we would like to see more games like these to be taken more seriously. You can watch the WarFriends Stream by MOBILE E-SPORTS below.

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