Champions of Fire: Amazon’s Take On Casual Mobile Games

Since Amazon had its Mobile Masters Tournament Series in Las Vegas, they understood the potential of this industry and its market. The games they ran such as Hearthstone and Vainglory were high-profile and resulted in a successful event. Yet, they wanted to take a different path in their Champions of Fire Tournament Series. This time their focus is on casual mobile games such as Beach Buggy Racing, Minion Rush, Disney Crossy Road, and several others.

Can these casual games be considered an eSports experience? It really comes down to the players. Some consider the more competitive and hard-core games to be eSports and Amazon seems to consider anything that includes an element of competition to be eSports. This event pits popular streamers against each other, popular personalities such as Mystic7 and Naomi Kyle will be present.

This event begins on December 2nd until December 3rd taking place at Time Inc. Studios. It is free to attend this event but if you prefer to watch it online then you can do so via their Amazon Appstore’s Twitch Stream. This series will have a prizepool of $5000 so it might be interesting to see who the lucky winner will be.

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